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Foreign Exchange and FX delta

FX Delta 2.0
  • For FX delta and vega risks, buckets are individual currencies except a bank’s domestic currency, and the cross-bucket correlation is γbc = 0.6 for all currency pairs.
  • The single FX delta risk factor is the relative change of the FX spot rate between a given foreign currency and a bank’s domestic currency (ie only foreign-domestic rates are risk factors).
  • Sensitivities to the FX spot rate are measured by shifting a given foreign-domestic rate by 1% relative to its current value and dividing the resulting change in the aggregate CVA (or the value of CVA hedges) by 1%.
  • All foreign-foreign rates involving the currency of the shifted foreign-domestic rate are shifted accordingly via the representation of the foreign-foreign rate via the ratio of two foreign-domestic rates.
  • Risk weights for all foreign-domestic rates are set at RWk = 15%.
  • Element 2: The FX Delta 2.0 Dashboard — Includes 4 “sub” Areas:
  • Trade Management — Provides comprehensive information including Target 1 and Target 2 in Pips, Risk-Reward Ratio of Target 1 and Target 2, and Stop Loss in Pips and Percentages. Additionally, we support 1-click shortcut trade execution buttons and effortless 1-click trading for market order, pending order, and close trade buttons.
  • Filters — Our newly integrated Quality Filter (QF) helps traders identify the best Delta Patterns while the rank filter makes sure the breakout we plan to trade is within the scale of real-time overall market conditions. This module works in liaison with both higher and lower time frames.
  • Delta Patterns — A powerful visual aid that displays overall market conditions and directions in terms of delta patterns for given assets in a small table.
  • Alfa Pattern — The Alfa Pattern helps you maximize profits by aiding you in understanding whether the market is starting a new trend or if we are already in a trend.
  • Everyone knows the trend is your friend, but the majority of traders do not know how to consistently ride the trend. Using FX Delta 2.0 you can get the ultimate 1-click trade signals based on riding market trends, accompanied with the best risk- reward strategy and accurate timing entry.
  • FX Delta 2.0 is the powerful and newly iterated version of the FX Delta trading system. Employing state-of-the-art Delta Pattern Quality Filters (DPQF), the FX Delta 2.0 autonomously generates high probability trading signals through price action, momentum, volume, and divergence trading fundamentals.

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